A Healthy Home

Have you ever thought about the air you breathe in your own home?

Have you ever walked into a home where the air is stale and feels stuffy?

Good ventilation circulates air around your home, removing odours, reducing moisture and flushing out pollutants and irritants.  

Unovent® is an affordable positive pressure ventilation system taking fresh, filtered air from the roof space (v-line™) or from outside with the wall mounted option (h-line™) where it is constantly being changed because this area is well ventilated.  The system brings down this air down from the roof space or directly from outside through the wall through one or more room outlets - each with its own fan and a washable filter - into the selected rooms.  This in turn gently pushes the stale and moist air out through gaps under doors or around windows and through bathroom and kitchen vent systems. 

The result is improved air quality – filtered to be fresh - creating dry and warm air without the nasties for a healthy home designed and affordable for New Zealand families


Waikato Property Maintenance can supply and install Unovent Systems. Talk to our friendly team today about a free no obligation quote.

Dane Mathieson


For more information about Unovent home ventilation:


Product Brochure: https://www.unovent.com/vdb/document/12

Things to know about Unovent: https://www.unovent.com/vdb/document/14

Heat Transfer

Have you got a fire place, but can't heat the entire house. We can install a heat transfer kit to spread the heat throughout the house.